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Lovely New Moon & Splendid Autumn Equinox

Greetings! This lovely New Moon in Virgo is on September 14, at 9:39 pm edt. Also, there is a spectacular Autumn equinox on September 23, at 2:40 am edt. Happy New Moon & Happy first day of Autumn!

The previous full moon in Pisces has brought us to this point of knowing, knowing what we want next, knowing we need and want to set the wheels, clock, and plan in motion. It's time to pound the pavement, so to speak. This is what Virgo loves to do. Sometimes Virgo is profiled as practical, pragmatic, methodical, maybe even slightly stoic. But oh, to watch a Virgo in motion, especially this particular Virgo New Moon, is observing creation unfold before our very eyes. Truth be told, Virgos are the genius of actually manifesting hopes, dreams, and wishes....creatively, too. As a watery Pisces can testify, we know we need and could use that earthy Virgo tenacity in bringing those dreams to Life!

Now is the time! Let us now set in motion that plan, with the help of this Virgo New Moon. Most definitely, with that Grand Trine in earth signs to assist with the all the details and commitment , and that Neptunian Kite in Pisces adding all that mystical magic to the mix, go forth and manifest! Within days of this new moon, we usher in the fantastic Autumn Equinox on September 23. This equinox is a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of cosmic magical activity. I call it the "booster shot"! The kites of both the new moon and the equinox are still flying high, lifting up our goals and dreams to the midheavens. Jupiter and Uranus are gloriously soaring, while Mars and Venus are playing nice, with some added spice, of course. Money and Love are right around the corner, indeed!

My advice is to bask in this lovely spiritual energy. Go out in the night sky and wait for that dark moon to peek through the stars while the planets and universe all work in our favor. Set aside time and space to plan and dream. What do you want? How can you attain? Remember, the darkest hour is right before dawn.

How about a quite appropriate tune to put us in the mood for this magical moon? Click and listen. I think you will like it!! I know I do......

Remember, even though I am experienced and have known truths in my mystical moonbeams musings and my astrological studies, I do not profess to be psychic, omniscient, nor do I "play God". I try to help people to ascend into spiritual and metaphysical awarenesses. Really, this blog is for entertainment purposes. Always remember to harm no one with this knowledge, and use it for yourself only. We all have free will and do not want to intrude on others' will.

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