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Healing Stones


​The universe is a symphony. It’s an infinite composition of movements, harmonies, and frequencies. To find one’s rhythm within it, is to discover one’s purpose.  Linda Wagner is a creative force and a professional educator of 20+ years who found her rhythm as an accomplished professional Educator and gifted Author, Poet, and Astrologer.  


As an intuitive with an acumen for writing, Channeling became another organic outlet, and Astrology became her sheet music. Linda found her own distinct voice and technique of channeling and communicating her astrological messages with artistry and panache.


As an Author and Poet, Linda understands how to captivate her readers, taking them on a dreamy and imaginative journey full of marvel and enchantment. If just for a moment, you will escape the rituals and humdrum of everyday life to a fantastical world full of magical wonder. Her debut poetic tale, The Maiden’s Journey: And Other Tales of Magical Creatures, was the perfect introduction of Linda’s creativity and captivating storytelling. Her sophomore feature, Faeries at Midnight: And Other Magical Tales, is a story, rich in faerie tale imagery and creative narration, enchanting readers of all ages.  Linda is currently working on her third book. 


Linda J. Wagner holds a Master of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. Ms. Wagner has been an educator professionally and in heart for twenty years. She values literary artistry and merit above all else and receives creative inspiration for her work through her literary and creative studies. Ms. Wagner's goals are to educate, inspire, and create for children and adults.

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