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Invincible Plutonian Full Moon in Scorpio!

Greetings Fellow Moongazers! We have an Invincible Plutonian Full moon in Scorpio!

This magnificent moon will reach its apex on Tuesday, April 23rd, 7:48 p.m., edt. The mighty and powerful plutonian energy has returned. Pluto, the master of ceremonies, the alpha, the chief, and supreme entity of the night skies,has been quiet for a while. He is making a comeback. With Scorpio added to the mix, there is no telling what depths of transformation will take place. This is a time for change! The reckoning has begun. The glory of eclipse season has now lured us into the deepest depths of our souls. How apropos is the opportunity to experience the churning of our deepest , and yes, darkest selves. This will be a challenging moon, but also transforming.

Yet, not everything will go bump in the night. Once you have plunged into the depths of Plutonian transformation and the Scorpion dark shadows, you can then rise to soar high and far. You will have survived the dark night of the soul. While the Scorpion is the representative of the sign, the Eagle is the transformed spirit animal of the rising Scorpio. It is the ascended representative .

There will be some cleansing and healing when we face our shadows selves. And face we must! We must conquer and rule the darkness inside of us. Let this powerful full moon shine its light on that very darkness to permeate your soul and spirit, and your physical being.

Turn it up and unravel the mystery of the message!

Full moons are meant to be good, as they are a gift from Heaven. Purging and purifying ourselves will allow the eclipse energy to saturate and drench us with blazing heavenly lunar white light .

While Pluto stands sentinel, dear Neptune and Jupiter draw near with divine intervention. Renew your faith. Ignite your light. Give thanks and ponder gratitude. Heal your relationships, if necessary, with others. Heal your relationship with yourself. Explore the wonder of a new existence, a new journey. You have been planning and dreaming it all along. Remember?

Remember, even though I am experienced and have known truths in my mystical moonbeams musings and my astrological studies, I do not profess to be psychic, omniscient, nor do I "play God". I try to help people to ascend into spiritual and metaphysical awarenesses. Really, this blog is for entertainment purposes. Always remember to harm no one with this knowledge, and use it for yourself only. We all have free will and do not want to intrude on others' will.

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