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Welcome to the UNSTOPPABLE Sagittarius New Moon!

Greetings Fellow Metaphysicians!

Welcome to your New Moon in Sagittarius. This moon reaches its 100% newness on Tuesday, December 12th, a 6:38 p.m., eastern time. I must say I am quite pleased. This is a moon to begin a hopeful, fresh, and optimistic vision for your near future. You are free to release your dreams, goals, aspirations, into a plan of action! Yes it's true. Good ole' Sagittarius finally has the open road! One word comes to mind and that is UNSTOPPABLE! Click on your song for some early inspirations.

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Specifically, neighboring Mars (in Sagittarius, no less) and that rapscallion Mercury (aiming for prestige with Capricornian ambition) are both making quite good aspects to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, high up in the Heavens. Let the adventure begin! On top of that, Neptune, who has much in common with Jupiter in a lot of ways, is offering some eclectic activity. The challenge is to enjoy creativity and sprituality! That is a mouthful, but as succinct as it can be. Yes, yes, there are some warning signs. However, when you shoot for the stars there will always be a bit of turbulance along the way. Neptune will lure and tempt our souls toward fantasy and escapism, but possiblities for extraordinary and creative outlets are plentiful with this New Moon. Just be careful of dangerously misleading temptations of mind and body. The sky's the limit with Sagittarius, but with fancifully laden Neptune prominent at this moon, be alert to misleading delusions.

For all the lovers out there, my advice is to stay true to your heart and soul. Enjoy the poetry of love with depth and adventure. Romance is in the air. Excitement is there for the taking. With this New Moon in Sagittarius you have passionate ardor, intrigue, allure, for the taking.

Alas, the adventurous, creative, and spiritual beauty of this moon cannot be denied! For now, we are saying adieu to the dark days of gloom and despair. Let's enjoy these moments while we can. As an extremely optimistic person myself, I always look for the good in astrology, the moon, and the universe. It's there, sometimes hiding. However, if we seek peace, joy, and light, we find we do have hope and faith for the future.

I recommend writing your goals and wishes for this moon, or any moon phase , in your diary/journal. I find that it is good to release it from the mind and record it into the spiritual and energetic realm. Pray for guidance and knowledge as you think on these things. We really are meant to be peaceful and content, as humans existing on this earth plane. I know life is so very hard, hence it's easy to give up and difficult to keep going. Let us spread the light so the light overcomes the darkness. I have found from my own personal experience the beautiful and spiritual moon is a reminder to lift our hearts and thoughts heavenward. The different phases of the moon offer highly charged points in time to spiritually and metphysically activate our hearts' desires. On my other website,, I offer free guidance and lesson plans! Simply go to my website and sign up for my newsletters/blog and you will get monthly guidance at no cost at all. I believe my mission is to help women feel confident and joyful in order to pursue their dreams, as I have.

Again I say, above all, be mindful of excess and frugal with obsessions. Seek out the needy, underprivileged, sick, and elderly. Care for the innocent souls, children, and animals. Pray for guidance and protection from above!

May you be blessed with these.

Love and Dreams,


Remember, even though I am experienced and have known truths in my mystical moonbeams musings and my astrological studies, I do not profess to be psychic, omniscient, nor do I "play God". I try to help people to ascend into spiritual and metaphysical awarenesses. Really, this blog is for entertainment purposes. Always remember to harm no one with this knowledge, and use it for yourself only. We all have free will and do not want to intrude on others' will.

As an extra magical touch, you can subscribe to my website, to receive free lessons, advice, and tips in manifesting your long ago forgotten hopes, dreams, and wishes. Also you may subscribe to this website, to receive monthly moon newsletters and other astrological information and goodies.

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