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Sweet and Bright Pisces Full Super Blue Moon

Oh that sweet, sweet, pretty Pisces moon...

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. We could all use some poetry, beauty, fantasy, and escape right now. Yes? Pisces IS the poet, artist, spiritualist of the zodiac. Oh how lovely that little Pisces gets the honor of the extra full moon, the Blue Moon! It reaches its fullness on Wednesday, August 30th, at 9:37 pm, edt.

No matter what we are experiencing from the cosmos, Pisces is Pisces, and here is your chance to escape. Our moon is a spiritual, mystical, mysterious, beauty. It ebbs and flows, loves the fluid liquidy magic that it bestows upon us mere mortals. While we are experiencing much earthly influence from the pragmatic Virgo Sun, and stern, controlling discipline from stoic Saturn, we have a chance here to take a break and dream on.... Why not welcome the security of these steadfast influencers into our dreams, hopes, wishes? For one brief shining moment we can experience a camelot. After all, that Pisces moon glows in the area that helps to enhance these hopes, dreams, wishes. With Saturnian energy very nearby that moon, we have an anchor and a safeguard, lest we get lost in the mist of foggy delusion. We have experienced many challenges and hardships, yet we need to seek the light to shine through the darkness. With Pisces, a full moon, faith, and rock solid ground to stand on, take a break and dream on....

Here is your song that says it all

Dream On

Thank you and credit to Jeday

Love and Dreams,


Remember, even though I am experienced and have known truths in my mystical moonbeams musings and my astrological studies, I do not profess to be psychic, omniscient, nor do I "play God". I try to help people to ascend into spiritual and metaphysical awarenesses. Really, this blog is for entertainment purposes. Always remember to harm no one with this knowledge, and use it for yourself only. We all have free will and do not want to intrude on others' will.

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