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Protective Full Moon in Virgo! Baby Hold On

Greetings fellow Moongazers. We have a wonderfully protective Full Moon in Virgo on February 24th at 7:29 AM, eastern time.

As is always the case, the Moon will oppose the Sun during a full moon. However, this time, because we have a Virgo moon and a Pisces sun, there will be added emphasis on this opposition. Normally, oppositions can be tense or stressful in some way, shape, or form. However I see this as a lifeline to dear Virgo, who really in the end wants to protect and help us. Virgo also wants to encourage SENSIBLE inspired action! The little planets are crowded together in Pisces, therefore, Virgo MUST stand vigile. I see this opposition as a protection. Especially with all that Pisces energy and that newly acquired Aquarian energy seeping through, we all need Mistress Virgo.

The Aquarian vision is now mixed with Piscean ideality. Virgo is insisting on showing us how to keep our heads from getting lost in the fog and bring those soaring visions down to Earth. That's a good thing! While oppositions can always be challenging, this time around I see it as a cautionary tale. Hold on to your Piscean dreams and Aquarian visions, but grab a Virgo to help you get through the energetic pull.

Remember, Virgo is a very earth sign. With our spiritual Moon in a very pragmatic and earthy Virgo, our wonderful Moon can only bring good things, ultimately. So let us start planning what we started many moons ago and go for it! We are coming out of the dark days of a Plutonian hangover and are entering an era of light and love!

Here is your song for inspiration! You are going to love it! Baby Hold On!

Enjoy this beautiful moon and don't forget to pray, meditate, give thanks for all your blessings. Do as our Virgo would do and help the needy, downtrodden, elderly, children, and animals. Remember the forgotten. Virgo is the most gracious healer, hostess, and giver.

As always with a full moon, be careful out there. The Moon is our protector and guide, a gift from the Heavens to humans. Be humble and use it as such. Subscribe to my blog and receive mini moon lessons to help you understand the metaphysical power of our beautiful moon.

Remember, even though I am experienced and have known truths in my mystical moonbeams musings and my astrological studies, I do not profess to be psychic, omniscient, nor do I "play God". I try to help people to ascend into spiritual and metaphysical awarenesses. Really, this blog is for entertainment purposes. Always remember to harm no one with this knowledge, and use it for yourself only. We all have free will and do not want to intrude on others' will.

As an extra magical touch, you can subscribe to my gentle, inspirational author website, to receive free lessons, advice, and tips in manifesting your long ago forgotten hopes, dreams, and wishes. Also you may subscribe to this website, to receive monthly moon newsletters and other astrological information and goodies.

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